Azino777 more popular than Coke on Russians’ online video views

Azino777 – a blacklisted online casino operator was among Russia’s top-15 video advertisers in January, outshining the likes of Coca-Cola and Russian search engine Yandex in numbers of online video views.

Online sports betting is regulated in Russia, but other forms of online gambling are still strictly illegal and Azino777, together with over 300 affiliated domains,  has been blacklisted by the Russian telcom watchdog Roskomnadzor.

Roskomnadzor blocked 62,734 gambling domains last year, and added nearly 6,200 more naughty names just last month, all without much impact.

The Azino777 video reportedly was a frequent preamble to viewing pirated movies and TV shows, which have a huge audience and a lack of advertisers.

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